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My name is Taylor Batory and I’m a musician/composer/upcoming audio engineer from Michigan.  I graduated from Wayne State University in Detroit with a Bachelor of Arts in Music with a Minor in Media Arts.  My principle instrument is guitar, and I’ve been playing for roughly 12 years.  I can also play drums and bass.  I consider the main style of music that I write to be progressive rock, with more of a focus on extended arrangements involving odd time signatures and asymmetric forms, but I’m working on trying to make things more accessible from time to time.

I presently work as a Freelance Audio assistant at Cutters Studios Detroit, and I also give guitar lessons on the side at KO Music Studio.  However, I’m currently looking for a full time position in the audio field, whether it’s recording, mixing, production, live sound, anything.  So, it’s safer to say that finding a full time job is my current job.  That’s why I’ve been working heavily in my home studio on recording and producing my own original compositions.  I’m hoping to hone my skills at producing music as well as have a body of work to show, aside from wanting to record and produce all of my own musical ideas too.  I have yet to release any official albums, but one is in the works at this very moment.  Even so, I’m open to booking sessions with anyone who is interested, so feel free to contact me to book studio time.