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Interested in recording your original music?

Or even getting one of your songs mixed and mastered?

Book a session with tB Audio and I’ll work with you on recording your performances and piecing it all together in my home studio!


Rates start at $25/hr for recording.  Mics and drums are supplied, but please bring your own instruments, amps and pedals.  MIDI files for your songs would also be preferable, but not required.

Mixing starts at $30/hr.  I’m open to either being booked for a period of time or to work until the song is fully mixed.  I’ll keep track of the amount of time I’ve worked on mixing a song and come up with a figure for the total time, excluding breaks, etc.

Mastering starts at $25/hr.  As with mixing, I’m open to being booked for a period of time or mastering until the song is finished.

Drums and desk

Drums and guitars





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